Family portrait photographer, artist & full-time Mum based in Hampshire, UK.

A little bit about me...

I am a Mum of 2 girls, one 10 and the other flown the nest and happily married. Both are amazing, have autism and both are an inspiration to me. Both my girls have therapy dogs. Our puppy Henry is 10 months old and I adore him! It's the first dog I've ever owned and I now can't ever imagine life without a dog. My family is everything to me. I understand how important trying to keep a stable well-being is and I use my skills to help other families.

I have a long history of chronic pain and spinal problems. Six years ago I became very unwell with a form of colitis and it changed my outlook on life completely. I lost a lot of my body weight very rapidly. Granted, I was overweight, and suddenly I wasn’t. I am still dealing with that to this day. But being unwell makes you focus on the things that are important. No need for flashy new cars etc. Just the people you love, who understand you.

Marble Surface

I really adore nature. love getting up and taking the dogs for a walk at 5am (a bit early I know) and listening to the dawn chorus. I usually stand and contemplate life for a few minutes ready to start my day. I love to stop and look at different types of flowers, butterflies and birds. I would describe myself as very environmentally conscious and try my hardest to keep a plastic free lifestyle. I always buy second hand - huge charity shop fan! My ideal day out would be going to a National Trust property with my family and taking a picnic consisting of homemade scones, butter and jam; vegan and gluten free of course. Meeting up to have coffee with a close friend and shop second hand is a definitely another of my favourite days out! 


Food. My absolute passion! Cooking, ingredients, recipe books, spices, flavours. I definitely have an obsession! I constantly read about chefs and why they cook the way they do but rarely do I ever actually follow a recipe, I just experiment! My Nan who is 94 inspired me and taught me many of the basic skills that you need. I remember her picking me up from school every Thursday, I was only 5, but I used to always help her in the kitchen. We'd always bake something or be making pastry. We used to prepare a cake or biscuits for when Grandad came home when Dad came to pick me up. I remember one day we made ginger bread men and Nan said I could put some icing on the top and what colour did I want, so I chose this really vivid bright bright blue and looking back it was probably the most revolting colour to go on a ginger bread man but she let me be creative and experiment – something I've never stopped doing! Not sure if he actually braved eating the blue pile of sugar... I must ask!

I also love Interior design, house programmes and house magazines; although probably way too many "living etc." but I cannot resist! Collecting things that might be good for art projects in the future although my husband does despair of this and tells me I don’t need any more pine cones! Anyone else do this???

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