Art Classes

Due to Covid-19 I have had to hold off starting my 2020 courses. Please email me if you would like to be updated/put on a waiting list for when I start up again. I will post on my social media when they are restarting. Thank you for your patience.

Being a mum of a 10 year old autistic girl, I've learnt how much art has been a means of therapy and escapism for her. It is a way for her to express her feelings through creativity. She has loads of fun and feels better after she has done some art.

I am fully aware some weeks your child may not wish to participate or prefer to do something else. I am very adaptable and understand the needs of an autistic child. You will remain in the session at all times.

Next course start date: 

Kids class 6-9: TBC

Kids class 10-13: TBC

Teen class 13+: TBC

Marble Surface

What will my child learn?


Preparing for your Art course with Tracey:

Hello, my name is Tracey. I am an artist and I live in Southampton.

I have two daughters who have Autism and I have a lot of experience with people on the spectrum.

I really like food, cooking, baking, animals, and art. Perhaps you could let me know some of your special interests before we start.

If you find it helpful, I am happy to have a video call with you before so you can see what I look like and hear how I sound. I can also send you photos of where you will be doing your art class so that you feel safe and prepared.